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Dry Room (Low-dew-point Manufacturing Room)

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Achieving the Dew-point Temperature of -60°C at a Low Cost

Our dry room systems have been adopted in many sectors such as in the assembly process of lithium batteries and other electronics and precision apparatus industries. Our unique dehumidification system is able to reduce the ventilation dew-point temperature to -60°C at a low cost.
Both initial set up and running costs can be lowered by 30% (compared to our traditional systems).
This system can be applied to the drying process in any industry.

Dehumidification System for Dry Rooms

Half thick dehumidification rotor
Our dehumidification system uses a rotor half the thickness of traditional products.
Single-stage dehumidification rotor
Single-stage dehumidification rotors are utilized in the full outside-air type (full supplied air exhausting type) systems, as well as indoor circulation type systems.
Reduced footprint
Thorough unitization allows the installation with a three-quarter footprint of our traditional models.
Energy-saving capability
The simple and easy-to-operate single-stage dehumidification system delivers a great energy-saving impact.

System Flow Diagram

Utilizing the single-stage dehumidification system, the after-cooler can scale its capacity according to the heating loads of production facilities in a room.

Compact dry room unit

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