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Aquavent · mark II (Prevention of Air Lock, Noise, and Corrosion)

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This technology resolves faults caused by air mixed into piping.

Possible Faults with Air Mixed into Piping

  • Air lock (a phenomenon in which a water flow is hindered by the stagnation of air in an uneven spot in piping or in a heat exchanger.)
  • Flux noises as a water flow passes through piping.
  • Vibrating pipes and pumps.
  • Accelerated rust and corrosion in piping.

Aquavent · mark II is the answer

  • Resolves air lock, noises, and vibrations due to air in piping.
  • Eliminates the need for manual operation for air ejection.
  • Eliminates the need for piping installation for air ejection, reducing the cost of piping.
  • Impedes corrosion in piping, extending the life cycle of the pipes.


  • Aquavent · mark II separates air bubbles from circulated water.
  • It stores the separated air.
  • It then ejects the air with the automatic ejection valve, thus removing it.

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