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Air Lock Booth (Booth for Sputum Collection)

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  • For Hospital, Healthcare & Elderly Welfare Facilities

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Preventing Bacteria from Spreading during Sputum Collection

Mass infection of tuberculosis in hospitals has recently become a social problem.
Air Lock Booth has acquired a good reputation for being an easy-to-handle booth that faultlessly prevents bacteria from spreading during sputum collection and blocks intrusion by external bacteria.
WHO's Hospital Infection Control Guidance - Care for patients with probable SARS, instructs as follows: "HCWs are advised to wear masks whenever there is a possibility of splashing or splattering of blood or other body substances, or where airborne infection may occur. Particulate filter personal respiratory protection devises such as a Particulate Respirator Type N95 capable of filtering 0.3um particles should be worn at all times when attending patients with suspected or confirmed SARS."
Air Lock Booth uses an antibacterial HEPA filter for both air supply to and exhaust from the booth, and with the dust collection efficiency of 99.99% or higher on 0.3µm particles, it is effective against the SARS virus.

Preventing Bacteria from Intruding and Spreading with the HEPA filter

  • Using an antibacterial HEPA filter for air supply to and exhaust from the booth
  • Preventing internal bacteria from spreading outside, while blocking intrusion by external bacteria, enabling highly reliable specimen collection

No Need for Construction, Transportable with an Elevator (Transportable model)

  • Compactly designed with the dimensions of 1430W x 900D x 2050H and equipped with casters, this booth can be moved between inspection locations even if using such means as an elevator.
  • The booth operates with a single-phase 100V power supply. It can be installed anywhere in a hospital.
  • Requiring no installation work and construction for power supply, the transportable model can be used on the day of installation.

Highly reliable control of room pressure with blower operation control

  • Cleaning up the inside of the booth with the blower before entering the room.
  • Since negative pressure within the booth creates an inflow of outside air while the user is in the room, bacteria are prevented from outside escape.
  • After sputum collection, the booth moves in to cleanup operation, and then automatically stops the blower.

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Support for Various Needs including a Barrier-free Structure and Wheelchair Enterable Model

  • The transportable and standalone models are available.
  • The features (external form, door, and the interior and exterior) and size of the booth can be customized based on your requirements.
  • The booth can eliminate a height gap between the booth entrance and the room floor.
  • The booth can support both new construction and renovation, depending upon your air conditioning system.


  Transportable model (TAB103)
Dust collection efficiency 99.99% or higher on 0.3µm particles
Dust collection element Prefilter: Nonwoven cloth filter
Main filter: Antibacterial HEPA filter
Cleanliness M3.5 (class 100)
Circulation count 250 times/hr
Treated gas volume 6m3/min
Exhaust gas volume 2m3/min
Lighting One 20W fluorescent light
Structure Main unit: Made of sheet steel, and baking-coated
Floor: SUS304 (Half polished)
Door: Window with transparent and colorless glass
Equipped with casters
Option Germicidal UV lamp
Power supply 100VAC, single phase, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 250VA
Weight Approx. 350kg

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