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Based on our “Customers First” Mission Statement, Taikisha remains committed to achieving continued growth as a company that is trusted by and can contribute to the society.


We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our stakeholders for their continued support of Taikisha.

Since our foundation in 1913, based on our air-conditioning technologies, we have strived to provide an environment and conditions that are optimal for people’s daily lives and manufacturing.
By leveraging our global network that extends around the world, we are conducting a broad range of business activities globally in two core business fields: the Green Technology System Business for offices, hospitals, factories and others and the Paint Finishing System Business for paint finishing plants mainly for automobiles, based on the Group’s technologies related to energy, air and water.

With various environmental and social issues occurring on a global scale, we believe that our mission is to create an optimal environment under every circumstance by making the most of our strengths in energy-saving and environmental impact reducing technologies. Aiming to solve our customers’ environmental issues using our advanced solution technologies and to pass on the rich global environment to future generations, we, as an engineering group that always takes action with “Customers First” in mind, are striving to further strengthen our core businesses, and have also been expanding our peripheral businesses in recent years, such as the plant factory business that leverages our air conditioning and control technologies and the paint finishing system business for aircraft and railway cars that applies our paint finishing system technology in the automobile field.

We are committed to delivering greater value to all stakeholders who support our businesses, including customers, business partners, shareholders, and investors, by bringing together the Group’s comprehensive capabilities.

We would greatly appreciate the continued understanding and support of our stakeholders.

Koji Kato

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