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History of Taikisha

Corporate History

Taikisha's 100 years of contributing to society through original products based on our "Customers First" mission statement.Click here to see "Taikisha's Corporate history video".

Taikisha's Corporate history video

1.Helps build the foundation of
modern Japan
: From 1913 to 1948

In 1918, the Company installed a hot water forced circulation system and wastewater treatment tank for the Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Building (Marunouchi, Tokyo), Japan’s first modern office building, thereby establishing a solid position in the building equipment industry. Beginning in the 1930s, with the development of the Japanese spinning mill industry, there was a sharp increase in the Company’s installation of air-conditioning systems essential to the fine spinning process, and the Company rapidly expanded its operations in this area.

2.Expansion of business fields during the Period of Rapid Economic Growth
: From 1949 to 1972

After World War II, Japan’s manufacturing industries experienced a period of rapid growth, accompanied by the construction in the country of plants for various fields, Kenzaisha enhanced its technological expertise to become a provider of precision air-conditioning and cleanroom systems. Meanwhile, in 1953 the Company made an inroad into the automobile paint finishing system business.

3.Global business
: From 1973 to 1991

As Japanese customers continued to shift their plants to overseas locations against the backdrop of a strong yen and other factors, the Company aligned itself with these customer developments, establishing subsidiaries and bases in Thailand and other parts of the world while accumulating experience in overseas work projects in the process. Moreover, it expanded its customer base to include not only Japanese-owned companies but also local overseas companies and European- and U.S.-owned enterprises.

4.Enhancement of the Group’s
comprehensive capability
: From 1992 to 2009

In the 1990s, the Company participated in projects to construct manufacturing plants for semiconductors, hard disks and capacitors, a set of devices serving as the backbone of IT hardware. This allowed the Company to achieve higher recognition in the electronics component industry. In the automotive paint finishing field, China, India and other emerging markets continued to grow significantly, resulting in plant construction projects gaining momentum in such countries.

5. Looking further
into the future
: From 2010 to 2014

Amid the accelerating pace of globalization in the world, Taikisha established new offices in so-called new emerging market countries. In addition to utilizing the environmental technologies and global network it has built up over many years, the Taikisha Group has been expanding its sphere of business. We are moving into our second century of service to industry worldwide while preserving our international nature, carefully nurtured ever since our foundation, and strict adherence to our “Customers First” spirit.

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