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Involvement with shareholders and investors

We disclose financial data and management information to our shareholders and investors as a company with a high level of transparency.

Information Disclosure Policy

Taikisha promptly discloses important information regarding Taikisha based on the transparency, fairness and consistency stated in the Taikisha Management Vision: “Conduct businesses under free and fair competition in compliance with laws and the spirit thereof; contribute to customers/business partners, shareholders, employees, communities/society and the global environment with transparency and integrity.”

IR Events

In addition to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in June, year-end and half-year financial result briefings are held in May and November. Also, company information sessions take place irregularly but several times a year for individual investors. In FY2018, Taikisha held financial results briefings for 19 companies (23 participants) in May and for 22 companies (27 participants) in November. In addition, Taikisha participated in the “IR Seminar for Individual Investors” hosted by Nikkei CNBC Japan, Inc. in September.

Information Tools

There are publications that Taikisha distributes to its shareholders: Shareholder newsletter (issued in June and December) and Annual Reports (issued in August).
Taikisha’s website has PDF files of the publications, as well as items disclosed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange such as earnings releases, financial results, quarterly reports, mid-term business plans, materials for earnings release conferences, and a Fact Book. The latest versions of these documents can also be downloaded together.
Taikisha’s business details and history are introduced for its shareholders and investors.

See the Investor Relation webpages for details.

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