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Relationships with our business partners

Taikisha broadly welcomes both domestic and overseas business partners with its motto “open and fair,” and operates fair business transactions based on its basic policy.

Also Taikisha provides information and engineering support as needed to overseas companies that are interested in expanding into the Japanese market.

Business Partner Selection System

In order to conduct fair and just transactions, Taikisha has set a basic principle of asking more than one business partner to submit a quote. It then selects business partners based on the evaluation of purchase quality (specifications, performance, delivery time, price, etc.). Price negotiations are carried out based on reasonable grounds (past performance, etc.).

Management of Confidential Information

Taikisha strictly manages confidential information, personal information, and customer information in accordance with the Information Security Regulations. In order to prevent information leakage, Taikisha signs a written pledge on prevention of confidential information leakage to make business partners aware of this issue.

Global Procurement Activities

Taikisha has introduced a centralized control system with procurement data on the overseas business offices to visualize the supply chain and optimize procurement. Taikisha periodically checks the status of execution of agreements with overseas business partners to ensure timely and appropriate fulfillment of agreements.

Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

Taikisha ensures no anti-social forces are involved in its operations and refuses any request from anti-social forces according to the Taikisha Ltd. Code of Conduct. Taikisha also forbids the employees from having any involvement with anti-social forces. In order to clarify the exclusion of anti-social forces in transactions with all business partners, Taikisha signs basic agreements and individual agreements with its business partners that include a clause to exclude anti-social forces. Taikisha signs transaction agreements with new business partners only after it has confirmed that they have no relation with anti-social forces.

Coordination with Business Partners

In order to maintain favorable relationships with business partners, Taikisha holds a liaison workshop with business partners. There, participants learn about revisions of laws and regulations related to business transactions, check points to keep in mind, and deepen mutual understanding about a work flow that accommodates changes in society. In FY2018, Taikisha held seven liaison workshops targeting approx. 700 companies consisting of construction/equipment contractors in Tokyo, Osaka, Chubu, Sapporo, Tohoku, Kyushu, and Hiroshima.

Award of “Excellent Green Procurement Company”

Taikisha’s Award of “Excellent Green Procurement Company” began in FY2011. It is designed to annually recognize the business partners for their contribution to green procurement and their proactive involvement in environmental activities to further promote green procurement activities. In selecting the award winners, Taikisha conducted an environmental activity survey on business partners, and selected an “Excellent Green Procurement Company” for FY2018 based on the results of the environmental management system (EMS) assessment.

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