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Test Environment for Automobiles

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Energy-saving and compact technology to reproduce various types of natural environmental conditions with high accuracy

This control technology uses a direct expansion system to further reduce environmental impacts. It achieves excellent controlling performances and reproduces natural environment conditions in test chambers with high accuracy while saving energy and space.


  • Accuracy in temperature control as high as ±0.5°C (HVAC outlet temperature).
    (Average temperature control accuracy is ±1 to 2°C).
  • 45% better energy saving than the conventional energy system with our unique technology for the compressor inverter control.
  • Non-stop and single-step control operations with the inverter control and the hot gas bypass control.
  • Quick response to changes of room temperature settings from high temperature to low temperature, etc.
    (Example: Cooling down at the pace of -1°C per minute of the temperature variation)
  • Ductless and space-saving in machinery chambers through the introduction of the unit cooler system.
    (Example: Saving spaces by 10 m2 approximately with the class of 30,000 m3/h)


Snowfall testing

Temperature Setting: -30 to 50°C*
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Humidity Setting: 30 to 90%*
Accuracy: ±5%
Others Non-stop operation even at low loads.
Continuous operation with a dry dehumidifier.
Available for snowfall testing.

* Temperature and humidity conditions are adjustable based on customer needs.

Energy-saving comparison

Comparison of energy consumption

Smooth Temperature Control

According to a pull-down period requested by a customer, the following simulations are conducted to help you select an energy plant.

Direct expansion system flow

Conceptual image of the system

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