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Our renewal solutions deliver increased asset values, reduced environmental loads, light, fuel, and water expenses, and high usability at lower management. We provide various approaches to upgrade your facilities to those of higher productivity and more comfortable spaces for operation. We also offer a complete series of renewal options that allow for continuous operation of your facilities during construction.

Renewal:Our technology & service

Reducing Light, Fuel & Water Expenses

Proposals for cost reduction based on a diagnosis of your energy consumption.

Per-zone Scheduled Operation Management / Individual Control of Temperature & Humidity

Our individual control solutions allow for the reduction of running costs.

Enhancing a Building's Image

Solutions to update obsolete facilities and interiors to bolster up their image.

Updating Air-conditioning Equipment for Office Automation & Computerization / Electrical Equipment for Increase in Power Consumption

Creating comprehensive proposals, including the enhancement of existing facilities and the upgrading of their interiors.

Energy Plant Optimal Control System

With optimized control based on simulations, this technology maximizes the impact of energy savings for Energy Plant systems.

Direct Expansion HVAC

This technology makes it possible to achieve high control accuracy without a central heating facility.

Louvreme® (Vertical-type Waterproof Louver)

This is Vertical-type Waterproof Louver.

Stratherm® · I (Supercooling Dynamic-type Ice Thermal Storage System)

High-density Heat Storage System Using the Latent Heat of Ice.

Air Fuse (Ductless Ventilation Fan)

This ductless fan system is effective for use as ventilation in parking lots as well as air-conditioning in halls or gymnasiums.

Silencer System

Since importing a silencing technology in 1986, we have developed numerous silencing technologies.

Unitizing Systems

This technique enables short-term construction through prefabrication.

Aquavent · mark II (Prevention of Air Lock, Noise, and Corrosion)

Resolves air lock, noise, and vibrations caused by air in piping.

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