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Paint Feeding System

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A paint feeding system is the most vital system within a painting plant. Approaching the implementation from our customer's point of view, we provide the most suitable systems (centralized paint quality control, rationalization of paint composition works and supply works, response to organic solvent regulations, energy-saving measures with electric pumps, etc.) for the different paints in use, keeping in mind the water and solvent systems and the level of viscosity.

Various paint feeding system

Our paint feeding system aims to help optimize paint supply to each facility through its comprehensive supply control over paint facilities and the paint robot system. This is designed to contribute to having a stable and improved paint quality for our customers.

For water-based paints

Pump operation on flow control

Electric pump

Application case example and running energy

As an environmental measure, the introduction of electric paint supply pumps enables you to make flexible supply adjustments corresponding to the consumption in the production line or the paint characteristics, which was not possible with conventional pneumatic or hydraulic pumps. This realizes a 90% or higher reduction in energy consumption when it is combined with our control system.

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