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Mobile Facility Unit (MFU) Method (For Ultra-fast Construction)

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This method helps achieving ultra-fast constructions and improves facilities quality such as factories and laboratories.

The Mobile Facility Unit method, which is the manufacturing of separate smaller units and assembling them in a factory or laboratory, has gained much attention within the pharmaceutical industry, which is inclined to utilize diversified small-lot production. Based on the concepts of ultra-fast construction, highest quality, and reduced environmental loads, we are the first to deliver the Mobile Facility Unit method tailored to Japanese construction conditions.

Benefits of the Mobile Facility Unit Method

Ultra-fast construction
The Mobile Facility Unit method minimizes the downtime of existing production lines and research and development activities by installing production systems and facilities simultaneously during the manufacturing process of separate units, thus enabling dramatically shortened construction periods on site. In addition this method also allows for per-unit transfer of the facilities without disassembling, if for such reasons as integration, they need to be relocated after construction.
Reduction of environmental loads
The Mobile Facility Unit method can also minimize the impact on the surrounding environment, in terms of noise and dust creation, by drastically shortening the construction period on site.
Improved quality of facilities
The Mobile Facility Unit method provides many benefits including improved facilities quality and simplified validation after construction, since the installation and validation of production systems and research instruments can be conducted in a dedicated manufacturing factory with a controlled clean environment.

Comparison of factory downtimes between a traditional method and the Mobile Facility Unit method (rebuilding scenario)

Inside a mobile facility unit
(conceptual image)

Inside a mobile facility unit
(conceptual image)

(conceptual image)

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