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Hyper DRY DECO (Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Decontamination System)

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Total-drying method that inhibits the corrosivity of hydrogen peroxide.

Corrosion-inhibiting Hydrogen Peroxide-Based decontamination system, developed jointly by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Our HYPER DRYDECO allows decontamination for manufacturing rooms.

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Corrosion inhibition

It conducts decontamination using the newly developed absolute-drying method with minimize impact on the building materials and manufacturing equipment.


Complete smooth decontamination cycle can be made with vaporized hydrogen peroxide based on a large amount of validation data on the ground of science.


It is a safe system that allows decontamination with hydrogen peroxide at low concentrations, which has greater safety for operators than formaldehyde.

Shorter Operation Cycle Time

The autolytsis of hydrogen peroxide will allow decontamination to be completed in a shorter recovery cycle time than any formaldehyde-based systems.

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