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Dehumidification Air-conditioning System for Hospitals

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  • For Hospital, Healthcare & Elderly Welfare Facilities

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Creating Hygienic Spaces with Dehumidification

Hygienic hospital spaces are created using an air-conditioning system with dehumidification capabilities in the duct and fan coil units. Furthermore, by utilizing waste heat derrived from the cold source for the air conditioning and from cogeneration, it also promotes energy savings.

  • Using a dehumidification system in the outside-air intake unit
  • Preventing breeding and the spread of fungi and bacteria with dry operation
  • Energy saving though utilization of cooling water
  • Utilizing waste heat from a cold source for air conditioning

Air-conditioning facilities in hospitals are considered to be a cause of hospital infection, as they are constantly exposed to humidity. Such humidity may condense into a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, being spread throughout the hospital via air-conditioning ductwork and indoor facilities.
This system removes the latent heat load from a room by dehumidifying outside air to a relative humidity of around 17% before sending the air into the room.
It can also provide large energy-savings by utilizing waste heat from a cold source for air conditioning and from cogeneration, and utilizing the recovered heat as a re-heating heat source for the outside-air dehumidification system.

Dehumidification air-conditioning system (example)

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