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Research and Development Department, Paint Finishing System Division

Research and Studies

We design methods for energy conservation at paint finishing factories, improvements and enhancements to, as well as newly developed paint finishing lines that require minimum maintenance works. We also support advanced verification and problem solving when planning a new line, or when planning renovations to existing facilities.

Technologies with Achievements

This large area laboratory building is used for the development of paint finishing related equipment.

This large area laboratory building is used for the development of paint finishing related equipment.

Rotary RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)

This exhaust treatment system offers high heat recovery rates and VOC efficiency. It has a more stable performance than a conventional switching type of equipment with multiple tanks. This technology is expected to meet increasing demands in the future as one of the environmental tools used in the paint industry.

Circular Booth Facilities

This is a paint booth equipped with a low-noise, circular-type scrubber with high dust removal efficiency. It is designed to efficiently remove extra paint mist created in paint booths and convert the exhaust emitted from the booth into clean air.

Counter-flow E-coat Circulation System

The Counter-flow E-coat circulation system is an electro deposition coating facility with a new inner-tank circulation method. This facility conserves energy while drastically reducing residual defects created during electro deposition coating as well as creating a countermeasure against stains in the tank from the sedimentation of paint.

Symmetry Drying Furnace

The symmetry drying furnace has been favored by many clients all over the world because compared to conventional drying furnaces, it can raise the temperature in a shorter period and thus can greatly save on oven time. The temperature rise characteristics are excellent for use with chassis of car bodies in particular.

Pre-coating Type Dry Booth

The dry paint booth utilizes both pre-coated materials and filters. It is suitable for use in dry areas because it does not require water unlike conventional wet paint booths. Furthermore, it is more efficient in saving energy compared with wet paint booths during exhaust emission recycling in the booth.

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