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Compliance Information

Taikisha conducts its operations in accordance with its corporate philosophy and Code of Conduct, observes all the laws and ordinances related to its business, and makes every effort to implement fair and sound business practices.
In addition, we have installed a Corporate Compliance Committee, Corporate Compliance Department in order to remind all employees to observe the relevant laws and ordinances.

Organizations and Systems Regarding Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

Organizations Corporate Compliance Committee, Corporate Compliance Department, Risk Management Committee
Systems and Rules Internal reporting system, external reporting system, rules regarding personal information protection

Implementation Status of Compliance Education

Our E-learning course and group training program were available to all employees once again in FY2014 as an annual event. In addition to the domestic annual training for the Taikisha subsidiaries and affiliates, training was offered to our business partners as well. Meanwhile, as our training conducted abroad, group training was given to our overseas business offices. We continuously provide the training to all our employees including Japanese and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates to ensure our thorough compliance with laws and regulations.

Taikisha's Management Vision

Management Vision

Conduct businesses under free and fair competition in compliance with laws and the spirit thereof; contribute to customer/business partner, shareholder, employee, community/society and global environment with transparency and integrity.
Our slogan: "Pure & Fair"- To become a transparent company

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Taikisha Ltd. Code of Conduct

1. Principles of behaviour

  1. 1.We comply with not only laws and regulations, but also ethics and good sense.
  2. 2.We aim for management with high transparency based on fair and rational standards.
  3. 3.We act prioritizing contribution to stockholders, customers and the society; and give proper consideration to employee rights.
  4. 4.We endeavour not to damage accumulated trust and profit in compensation for work; and to increase corporate value.

2. Standards of ethical conduct

  1. 1.Respect for basic human rights and maintenance of sound workplace environment
    1. (1)We respect basic human rights in corporate activities, and do not discriminate any employee based on her/his race, religion, creed, origin, sex, disability, physical characteristics, age or others that is not related to the business of our company.
    2. (2)We prohibit sexual and other harassment using hierarchical relationship or superiority of position, regardless that such harassment is intentional or not.
    3. (3)We give due consideration to safety of construction, and strive to prevent accidents.
    4. (4)We implement such measures as health checkup to maintain physical and mental health of employees.
    5. (5)We respect privacy and protect personal information of employees. This equally applies to those outside the company.
  2. 2.Maintenance of good relationship with stakeholders

    We strive to satisfy stakeholders (customers, business partners, stockholders, employees, communities, the society and the global environment) and, at the same time, to attain lasting development of the company via the following objectives.

    1. (1)We obtain customers' satisfaction and trust by developing superior technologies and providing high-quality equipment.
    2. (2)We distribute secured profits appropriately among dividends, investments, salaries and others, as well as pay appropriate taxes.
    3. (3)We strive to improve transparency of management including corporate accounting, and appropriately disclose business information based on laws and regulations. We prohibit wrongful trading of stocks and others based on employee insider information.
    4. (4)Aiming for co-existence and co-prosperity with suppliers and subcontractors, we conduct fair trade on an equal basis, improve transparency on contracts, and abide by relevant laws and regulations.
    5. (5)We give consideration to neighboring residents of offices, construction sites, research institutes and others; and abide by agreements with such residents.
    6. (6)We strive to protect the global environment with activities such as resource saving, energy saving, reduction of waste materials, reuse and recycling. We disclose information regarding environment protection activities with an appropriate means of public information.
  3. 3.Maintenance of the company's trust
    1. (1)All employees shall respect the trust and honor of the company, and act according to social good sense.
    2. (2)We reject antisocial forces, such as organized crime groups becoming involved with our company's business; and refuse all requests from such groups. We prohibit our employees from being involved with antisocial forces.
  4. 4.Free competition, free trade, and gifts and entertainment
    1. (1)We abide by laws and regulations including the Anti-monopoly Law in order to realize fair competition and bidding.
    2. (2)It is prohibited to bribe and provide profits and facilities; and we abide by relevant laws and regulations including Political Fund Control Law and Public Offices Election Law.
    3. (3)When we provide and receive entertainment and gifts, we act according to social good sense. It is prohibited especially to receive entertainment and gifts that may influence business judgements.
  5. 5.Asset management and respect for property rights
    1. (1)It is prohibited that any employee uses the company's property for purposes other than the pursuit of profits of the company.
    2. (2)Regarding properties belonging to other companies and individuals, we shall respect property rights of such and shall not damage or interfere with those in any way. Rights over intangible properties such as intellectual property are included.
  6. 6.Handling of proprietary information
    1. (1)All employees shall not leak secrets they have become aware of in the course of their work. We shall securely control information especially provided by other companies.
    2. (2)It is prohibited for employees to access information inside and outside the company by fraudulent means.
    3. (3)Regarding handling of such information, retired workers, temporary staff, subcontract workers and business partners are required to control information in a similar manner.

3. Operational framework and reporting system

  1. 1.We shall establish"Company-wide Compliance Committee"(hereinafter called the"Committee") and"Compliance Department" (hereinafter called"CPL") for operations regarding this Code of Conduct. Details on the Committee and the CPL shall be laid down in the"Compliance Activity Standards."
  2. 2.Any employee who becomes aware of any fact which violates or may violate this Code of Conduct, is requested to notify the contact points. The CPL will be careful and make sufficient efforts so that the reporting person's name not be identified without his/her consent.
  3. 3.The company guarantees that the reporting person not be put at a disadvantage in treatment in the company. However, in a case that it is for the purpose of gaining unlawful profits for himself/herself or others or for wrongful purposes such as causing damage to the company or other persons, this will not be guaranteed.

4. Supplementary provisions

  1. 1.Improvement or removal of this Code of Conduct shall be determined by the board of directors.
  2. 2.This Code of Conduct shall be effective April 1, 2008.

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